Young Beats: The Brows

Brooke Shields and her perfectly sculpted brows. xxx, Bex

Young Beats: Like a Virgin

Modonna before she was platinum blonde. xxx, Bex

Young Beats: Susan Sarandon

She was young once…beautiful still. xxx, Bex

Young Beats: Sir Caine

Check out this interview with Michael Caine!

Unabiding Inturbide

Graciela Inturbide is a Mexican photographer who has won numerous international awards and grants. There is a great simplicity to her photos, with a clear focus in on one or two things that… Continue reading

Young Beats: Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio in the 90′s anyone? xxx, Bex

First Kiss

There is something to be said about video shorts. They fit into our non-stop on the go lives. They develop a theme into a 3 minute video: but the impression it leaves on… Continue reading

The Runners

While I was in England, I developed my love for running. It started at a pub when I was asked if I wanted to do a half marathon before I hit 23. My… Continue reading

Adrift in a Strange Country: The Philippines #2

xxx, Bex

Young Beat: Steve Martin

What? xxx, Bex