Young Beats: Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio in the 90′s anyone? xxx, Bex

First Kiss

There is something to be said about video shorts. They fit into our non-stop on the go lives. They develop a theme into a 3 minute video: but the impression it leaves on… Continue reading

The Runners

While I was in England, I developed my love for running. It started at a pub when I was asked if I wanted to do a half marathon before I hit 23. My… Continue reading

Adrift in a Strange Country: The Philippines #2

xxx, Bex

Young Beat: Steve Martin

What? xxx, Bex

Hunger Games: Peeta Mellark

At the end of the holidays I decided to finally read the Hunger Games series. After reading the books I have a new love for the character Peeta. In the movies Josh Hutcherson… Continue reading

Ocean’s 11

Humphrey Ocean, born in Sussex, and now lives and works in London. I noticed his portraits in the National Portrait gallery last spring. The drips are especially an interesting dynamic to include, don’t… Continue reading


xxx, Bex

Net No. Ten

xxx, Bex


xxx, Bex