Qui etes-vous?

“And eventually I became what I am today. Otherwise I would be something else. And if I were something else I wouldn’t be what I am. But it was all for nothing because… Continue reading

Young Beats: Young Duckling

As flawless as Gwyneth Paltrow is, it’s comforting to see this photo of her before she got famous.  xxx, Bex

Young Beats: Crowe

xxx, Bex


Anyone want me to house sit for them?

Young Beats: Double Take

Whoa Judi Dench in her younger years. xxx, Bex

Young Beats: Sir Ian

Sir Ian McKellen. My heart broke just a little. xxx, Bex

Young Beats: Colin Firth

How could you not fall for Firth’s character in What a Girl wants, where he dances in tight leather pants? Well it’s been confirmed, he was handsome even at a young age! xxx,… Continue reading

Young Beats: Sally Fields

Summer inspiration: a young Sally Fields! xxx, Bex

Young Beats: The Brows

Brooke Shields and her perfectly sculpted brows. xxx, Bex

Young Beats: Like a Virgin

Modonna before she was platinum blonde. xxx, Bex