The Cambie is one of my favorite local pubs, it was voted “#1 place to get wasted on the cheap” by Vice Magazine…but besides that, last year they scrounged up some local artists to give their graffiti’d tables a beautiful new look! My friend Antoine Marchildon was one of the lucky artists they picked! It was the first time I had been in the cambie ‘shed’, and Antoine even let me add a few things into his picture (including a diamond symbol!).

The Cambie

The Cambie!

The thought process

His Media

Mr. Marchildon

Do you see the face?

Antoine has a very unique style! I love how he uses tiny details to make up the image, and thicker lines to add shape and cohesion. If you would like to contact him for more information on his work email him at!

Here are a couple more images of works he’s done in the past: