Christmas Sweater

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Does everyone have a Christmas shirt? Christmas Shirt Definition: a shirt warn only in the month of December to get you in the holiday spirit. The shirt can be red or green or have a reference to the holiday. After talking about this with friends, I realized that I no longer have a Christmas Shirt. Most of my red or green shirts are warn all year round, making no shirt more special then the next. I do however like wearing red and green combinations of clothes more during the holiday season, but I now feel like my Christmas is lacking that special article of clothing. If I really want to get into the holiday spirit, I think I am going to have to go out and find an “Ugly Christmas Sweater”!

An Ugly Christmas Sweater Definition: A oversized, hideous looking sweater with ugly Christmas patterns and colours. NOT to be confused with the “Crosby Sweater” which is just an oversized ugly sweater with weird patterns and colours usually worn by old men or hipsters with no taste.

Christmas Sweaters from F as in Frank!

Happy Holidays!