Eco Fashion Week Re-Cap

Favorite looks from EFW 2012 (left to right): Britru Fariel, Eason Wang, F as in Frank, Prophetik, and EFW's own Vintage Runway look.

April 10, 2012- Eco Fashion Week kicked off with it’s free event The Vintage Runway show, and if you thought Value Village was only stocked with 80’s shoulder pads, 70’s polyester golf pants, Crosby Sweaters, and oversized stained and moth-eaten garments, you were wrong. So wrong! This year stylists Sarah La Greca, Deanna Palkowski and Eco Fashion President, Myriam Laroche took $500 worth of Value Village clothing to create a variety of different runway looks that will have you running out to your nearest thrift store.

Being able to recycle clothing AND show that sustainability is high fashion has helped carry Eco Fashion Week through its last four seasons. This year designers ranged from F as in Frank, the vintage treasure trove retailer for rock tees, leather jackets and top shelf collectible clothing, to Prophetik, an unconventional romantic line designed by Jeff Garner that consistently is finding it’s way onto various red carpets and green carpets alike!

Although I was unable to attend the shows, I have spent hours scouring the images and reminiscing about seasons past and I have to say I am so proud of this event! This season I noticed a strong trend among the designers incorporating light pinks and nudes. They also included two of my current favorite colours: a vibrant red, and sea-foam green, working them in with high fashion silhouettes and cuts. One of the most distinctive pieces was Eason Wang’s multifaceted cape coat in nude with a black trim. Eason Wang, the Blanche McDonald graduate, has a couple seasons with EFW under his belt and is really coming into his own.

If three’s company, four draws a crowd, then I am sure season five will be a party! Can’t wait to see what this incredible team has in store for the future of sustainable fashion!

(All images taken from Eco Fashion Week)