Blake Hyland

So not to long ago I went to see Blake Hyland‘s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, as mentioned here! And I took some pictures of the collection and the crowd, which was budding with all the local fashion students.

Blake Hyland practical theory

Blake Hyland Warrior Boots

Blake Hyland Snakeskin Pants and Mesh Shirt

Blake Hyland Autumn Winter 2012

Men can pull of the faded hair dye look too

Love her shoes...and tattoo!

went a little shoe crazy...

fell in love with this girls jacket

Hyland being inteviewed...congrats!

Hyland is a Aussie-born, Canadian-based menswear designer that will use any material he can get his hands on. His models were posed on wooden platforms looking incredibly cool in their shades and warrior boots. Two things that stood out was an incredible vest constructed from used canvas and the other was his leather pants, reconstructed from old leather vintage purses.

[Funny Story: as we were admiring the pants the model told us to feel free to feel, so we could understand how he did it. Then the model miss informed us he used vintage jackets. The first thing I though was, what a waste! Luckily, there were pictures of the purses, and I was a bit more relieved.]

Hyland is known for his technical skills, graduating at the top of his class, showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week and landing jobs with Mono Clothing.

Blake Hyland's Canvas Vest

Blake Hyland's Custom Leather Pants