Fab Fab Fabitty Fab!

Recently discovered artist Ciraolo Fab ! I am starting to notice some big trends circling the web in the Art and Fashion World. Now-a-days it seems like everything is a remake, and nothing is original. The interesting and great thing that is happening, is taking things that already exist and mixing them together to create something different. It may not be new, but it gets you to view something in a new light. Ciraolo not only has great technique he is aiding this trend by taking well known icons or artists and transforming them to look like artists and fashionista’s of todays age. I do not think I could be more in love with his art!

Marlene Dietrich by Fab Ciraolo

Dorothy by Fab Ciraolo

Marilyn Monroe by Fab Ciraolo

Salvador Dali by Fab Ciraolo

Our First Kiss Was Like a Fairy Tale by Fab Ciraolo