P.P.D…Post Paris Depression! It really does happen! If you haven’t been to Paris you might be rolling your eyes and asking yourself really? Honestly, I didn’t know about it, let alone think it would happen to me. This past week I went to France: I thought, I’m just going to Paris for fun, keep it light, nothing too deep. Honestly, I couldn’t help falling madly in love with everything about Paris: the language, the people, the lights, the city, the lifestyle. Paris has fully seduced me, and I feel as I left wanting more. I’m wearing my sweats watching movies like Midnight in Paris, Amelie, Marie Antoinette, Forget Paris (haha I wish I could!) eating some macaroons I brought home, and drinking coffee to help cope.

Okay, let’s back up. Midnight in Paris! I’ve mentioned this movie before, but I’m mentioning it again to specifically point out the cameo made by Carla Bruni. She is the quintessential Parisian-cool girl, er I mean woman. She models, sings, acts and is married former President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy. Oh and did I mention she has incredible style? Definitely my new French Style Icon!