Westwood World

The Brits love her, Paris Fashion Week loves her, I love her…and even though she once-upon-a-time flashed the Queen, she must still love her too (I mean come on Queen Elizabeth that was a 20 years ago)! The mother of British Punk fashion, Vivienne Westwood, is now a huge advocate of eco friendly designs! From her “Climate Revolution” tees to her affiliation with the Red Carpet Green Dress. She’s even teamed up with EJF and Cool Earth in an effort to raise money to protect the rainforest and climate refugees. Vivienne Westwood has a pop-up shop in London’s Carnaby Street until November 20th (2 more days!!!) to support the efforts in making a change. It is so great to see such an influential designer make a stand on such an important issue, especially when more then 1 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away every year! Take a look at the video:

The Fashion Of Climate Change Event – Pop Up Shop – from Environmental Justice Foundation on Vimeo.