Happy New Year

What a great year I’m hoping this will be! My blogs gotten a little neglected over the holidays, but I am back and ready for a new year! Let’s take a look at fashion and trends I am excited about this year:

Leelee Sobieski:

She was a well known actress in the early 90’s, but it was as if she dropped off the face of the earth in early 2000. And where has she reappeared?  On Garance Dore’s website! Definitely a good place to appear in the fashion world. Then she was spotted in a beautiful red coat, and that pretty much sealed it for me, because now I’m seeing her face on different style websites. I am excited to see more of Leelee  in 2013.

Photo Credit: Garance Dore

Photo Credit: Garance Dore


Okay, this is probably an old trend. I first saw it appear in Vancouver’s Fashion Week a couple years ago by designer Adrian Wu. Then I saw Hanneli post a picture on it, and now I’m determined to find a dress made out of upholstery. If I can’t find one, maybe I’ll even attempt to make one myself. But I love the idea of a thick dress with baroque detailing on it.

Hanneli in her dress

Hanneli in her dress

Leather Details:

I love my leather jacket, I really do, but its a classic black leather jacket that I’ve worn religiously over the past 3 or 4 years….I need something like this:

Miu Miu Beanie by Tommy Ton

Miu Miu Beanie by Tommy Ton

Okay maybe not exactly in my price range. But I like the idea of adding more detailing to a leather jacket to spruce it up, and make it look youthful.

The Bedtime Romper: 

Okay, I will admit, onesies are really cute…on children! Not as cute on anyone who is over the legal drinking age. Instead I think I’m going to invest in a proper nightie.

Oysho tulle and lace jumpsuit

Oysho tulle and lace jumpsuit

I saw this jumpsuit on Oysho a few months back, but I missed my chance to buy it and now they don’t have it in stalk. Never the less, I will search for a new one to get excited for, and maybe even buy. So I urge you not to buy a onesie, but by a sexy romper or jumpsuit, and we’ll all sleep better at night!


Allison Kadoche by Tommy Ton

Allison Kadoche by Tommy Ton

Think an updated Beetlejuice, and new classic piece to own. Get excited with me!

Red Trousers:

Very french! When I went to France that’s all anyone was wearing. I want a good pair of red trousers!

Fogdancing's red trousers

Fogdancing’s red trousers

Active Wear:

There is ready to wear and then there is active wear. Unless you know how to mix properly the two paths should never cross. However, since the Olympics there have been lots more runners out on the streets. Now, with Christmas over, and everyone is starting on their New Years resolutions, the runner have almost doubled. I ran my first half marathon back in October, and think that it’s time I finally invest in proper running wear!

Marathon Training, New York by Scott Shulman

Marathon Training, New York by Scott Shulman

Short Hair:

Long hair is over-done and boring. I chopped mine into a bob on New Years Eve  (baby steps people), but 2013 might be the year I get brave enough to sport a hair cut like this:

Saskia Bike Tommy Ton

Saskia Bike by Tommy Ton

Or maybe not, but I’m still excited about the prospect!

Cheers to 2012, let 2013 be even better!