Are You Human?

“This is not a fashion blog. Nobody cares if you think the “dress is too big,” or “the pants are too short.” I choose to put people on this blog because they are unique, not perfect.

If you have a negative opinion of anyone in these photographs, just keep it to yourself.

Everyone has a heavy load to carry in life. Don’t be someone who goes around adding to a person’s real problems by pointing out their inconsequential ones. There is a place for honesty among friends. But that place is not the comments section of a widely-read blog.”

A statement Brandon, writer and photographer of his own blog Humans of New York, made in September last year. His vivacious blog now has over 300,000 collective followers. The diversity of his photography keeps the blog fresh and interesting. It’s nice not to have another fashion blog but something that is more real. He does this by including snippets of stories with his subjects and sharing them on his tumblr. Never hesitating to capture what he wants: his photographs are always vibrant in more then one sense.