The Who’s What, What? What!

1. Photo Credit Monica Feud 2.Photo Credit: Matt Irwin 3. Grimes: 4. Harlem Shake Paris 5. Caramelo Shoes

Okay, let’s have some fun here and talk about…what everyone else is talking about. No, no, I want to join in on the conversation, and hopefully you do too!

1. Did Alexander Wang play it safe with monocrome runway pieces or did he stay true to himself focusing on the tailoring of the silhouettes? Wangs greatly anticipated Balenciaga F/W 13 Runway debut is all anyone can talk about. And everyone is looking forward to the following seasons. Can Wang warm the Parisians hearts like he did with his own New York label: Alexander Wang?

2. Everyone wants to be her friend! It’s crazy Cara! Seriously Cara Delavigne is everywhere, and you just have to love her!

3. GRIMES! Can I just say, “Yay Canada!” It was a sad day when I had an American tell me about Claire Boucher, the Montreal Singer known as Grimes. She’s edgy, yet adorable and her music is great to listen to when you’re getting ready for a night out. What has recently put her on the verbal map is her capsule collection of T-Shirts for Saint Laurent. Go Grimes!

4. Harlem Shake? “It was funny for a while, but now it’s Gangnam Style.” Harlem Shake videos have gone viral, they are everywhere. Everyone wants to post of video of this costume dancing chaos phenomenon. The Harlem Shake originated in the 1980’s but has recently been revived with  DJ Baauer’s “Harlem Shake.” As over-played as it is, at least it’s time to show the world our crazy dance moves we’ve been doing for years in front of our mirrors at home!

5. Trainers, kitten heels, flats, finally comfortable shoes are acceptable! Okay, I went through a high heeled stage when I was 16, and vertically challenged (I’m 5’3). My then boyfriend was intrigued by my heels and lipstick ways. I carried on through to college, showing up to Art and Design with my banana coloured peep-toed heels and getting crazy looks from classmates! Then one day I woke up and went, “My feet hurt!” I accepted that I was vertically challenged (still 5’3!), and embraced my short legs and started opting for flat shoes like converse and keds. Now I’ve recently invested in a blue-metallic loafer and needless to say I am in love. I’m literally walking on clouds. It seems everyone else has finally thrown in the towel too and are opting for comfortable flats.



 Photo Credit: 1. Monica Feud Balenciaga F/W 13 2.  Matt Irwin Style 01 3. Grimes2: 4. Harlem Shake Paris 5. Caramelo Shoes by Bex