You Are More Beautiful


Have you seen the new Dove Campaign: Real Beauty Sketches? I swear I almost cried…well almost, but honestly it was so touching to watch. Everyone is so hard on themselves, especially woman. I find it really hard to believe that 4% of women around the world actually believe they are beautiful! Okay, I have good days bad days, and I know when I’m not trying, but I like to think I am beautiful. I like to think that all woman are beautiful in their own way, especially if you love and nurture what nature has given you.

This campaign got me thinking, what would my sketch like? Especially if I went on one of my so-called “bad days”! This campaign has taught me a valuable lesson: I need to stop being my worst critic and appreciate the things I have going for me. I have also come to the decision that if I feel like uttering the words “Fat” (in regards to myself), instead I will turn off the computer, put on my runners and go for a run!

Okay now watch the video and feel BEAUTIFUL!