DIY: Organic Lotion Bars

I posted a picture earlier of my Home Made Organic Lotion Bars! My desire is to slowly become more self-sufficient and eco-friendly with my day-to-day life. Do my part in the little ways that count. I noticed that people give me lotions, that not only irritate my skin, they lose their scent and just sit there or get thrown away. These lotion bars use only natural essential oils, and there are no lotion bottles to be thrown away. In fact when they become small, I can just make another batch and add the remaining bar to the pot! What’s super great is that I am going traveling, so I can bring them on the plane with me, without worrying about exceeding my liquid limit.

 Here is the recipe I used:


Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Make These:

1. They are easy to make (less then an hour!)

2. They are great for your skin

3. They are eco friendly (no bottles, and no chemical materials, just the natural good stuff)

4. They are great for traveling

5. They are re-shapable: you can melt them down reshape, resize and reuse!

For those with nut allergies, you can use grapeseed oil instead. You can also experiment by using other essential oils, like vanilla oil or lavender, but I like tea tree because it helps balance out my oily skin.