The Grass is Always Greener

On thronevintage, because I like to look at the positives! H&M has just launched their Sustainability report, and although they are a smorgasbord of ethical procedures, there is something to learn here. First, that more consumers are being more conscientious about the products they buy and their effects on the environment. Next, that H&M is paving the way for material innovation, water saving and social justice. Lastly, H&M has become a more transparent company in the past couple years, and more and more companies will have to follow in their footsteps. H&M shows no signs of slowing down! They are a fast fashion company and will always be into mass production at a lower price, but at least they are doing what they can, while still doing what they do best. There not perfect, but neither is every consumer!

Now that I’ve said what I had to say, let’s all drool over the new Isabel Marant H&M collaboration collection sneak peeks: