The Short of It All

I find that I never really took notice of people with short hair, until a couple weeks leading up to my big cut. I had been toying with the idea of cutting my hair for a couple weeks, and I distinctly remember going to the seaside in England to have some proper fish & chips, and taking notice of all the young girls walking around sporting cute and fashionable pixie cuts. Everyone who had short hair seemed to pull off short hair and it gave me confidence I could too.

So I was in the chair, discussing with my hairstylist about the best way to cut my hair. I had brought in three different pictures and we settled on the picture of the girl with a pixie cut. At that point there was no turning back. CHOP, CHOP, CHOP! Et voila!

It was such a brave move, but ever since, everyone has been saying it suits me. The short of it all? I constantly notice girls with short hair, and I get excited when I see movie stars go short, or even fashion divas, like Ulyana Sergeenko!

Ulyana Sergeenko from Tumblr

Ulyana Sergeenko from Tumblr

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Ulyana Sergeenko – Tommy Ton


Ulyana Sergeenko outside Valentino – Street Peeper