Last night I made way downtown to the Plug-In to see Christine Sun Kim do a performance piece called See Me Hear.  What came next was audience participation, and Christine directing all of us through an app on her Iphone. At one point the screen read “Please do not decapitate yourselves.” Why? Because she had paired up ten people to stretch wires across the room. By attaching the wires to transmitters, these wires were able to receive the sound waves that she had made with her voice on her laptop. The wire’s vibration perfectly mimicked the sound of her voice.  This performance was co-presented with Arts and Disability Network Manitoba who’s mission is

“To facilitate a network of artists and stakeholders from both the arts and disability communities that supports artists with disabilities in achieving individual artistic excellence, promotes higher visibility of these artists within all disciplines and promotes policies and practices intended to make the arts more accessible to all Manitobans.”

I first heard about Christine Sun Kim from the Selby, when he did a video of her back in 2011. She talks about taking control of her own sound, and the sound that others create.

After sampling a few  hors d’oeuvres, I made my way to the Winnipeg Art Gallery just in time to watch film, The Clock, by director Christian Marclay. This film is a 24-hour montage of over ten thousand films that systematically show the time of the day in the movie clip. This movie took over three years to make and is the winner of the 2011 Venice Biannale Golden Lion. I felt like I was lost in time, as I sat through hundreds of clips literally watching the time go by. There were very few movies I recognized at first, but it got me thinking about the importance of time in movies. Then I saw the DeLorean and the time was just after 10 pm, and my night was complete. Time to go home.