The Shining

Okay Halloween might have been a while ago, but can we just talk about Shelley Duvall from The Shinning for a second? I really feel like reviving her movie wardrobe!


Here’s some tips for getting the look:

1. Get a cotton long sleeve turtleneck or a fisherman oversized turtle neck from American Apparel $32-135

2. Complete the look with a wide leg crepe jumpsuit from Pixiemarket $229

 3. Rummage through your local thrift store to find a blue dress like Tasha Tilberg

4. Grease up your hair to make those bangs stick just right using coconut oil (I use Carrington Farms Coconut Oil from Costco) $16.69

5. Prepare for that long winter as a care taker’s wife with a Montebello Parka from Canada Goose $650