Shintaro Ohata

I’ve had this artist saved in bookmarks for too long, not to finally share! Shintaro Ohata is a Japanese artist who depicts an ordinary scene and makes it extraordinary with his unique and soft touch. He takes sculptures and places them in front of paintings, playing with the correlation between 3D and 2D planes.

Ohata "Happy Birthday?"

Ohata “Happy Birthday?”

Ohata "Airplane"

Ohata “Airplane”

Ohata "Azisai"

Ohata “Azisai”

Ohata "In the Sound"

Ohata “In the Sound”

Ohata "Rainbow"

Ohata “Rainbow”

Ohata "Sayonara Sankaku"

Ohata “Sayonara Sankaku”

Ohata "Starry Sky" [detail]

Ohata “Starry Sky” [detail]

Ohata "Walking"

Ohata “Walking”