Building Your Wardrobe: The Plain White T


Plain White T-shirts…and we’re not talking about the band…are a great staple for any wardrobe! Let’s look at a brief history of this incredible piece of clothing:
+ 1913 White tees started out as regulation underwear for the U.S Navy

+ 1920 the word “T-shirt” was added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary

+ 1930’s The University of Southern California used the shirts to keep football players from chaffing underneath their shoulder-pads…the t-shirts became popular as casual wear and “Property of USC” started to be stencilled on them as a crime prevention tactic

+  1947   Marlon Brando stars in A Streetcar Named Desire where he dawns a thin, white T-shirt. His look became so popular with the youth culture that T-shirt sales total $180 million by the end of the year.

+1955 James Dean stars in Rebel Without a Cause, giving the tees a cool yet rebellious edge.

+ 1969 DIY tie-dyed shirts became popular because of the monumental music festival, Woodstock, where they gave hundreds of dyed t-shirts away. Around this time screen printing was becoming popular and the t-shirts started to carry logos and advertisements

+1989 American Apparel was founded by Canadian Dov Charney. His business started as an obsession with American culture. He would by Hanes white t-shirts and resell them to his friends in Canada. His basic crew neck t-shirt is the stores bread and butter of the company, and practically sells itself.