Hello again dear friends! This year is definitely off to a great start, because as of right now I am in Busan, South Korea. I definitely love the fashion here (even though I’m… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a great year, full of new beginnings and adventures! xxx, Bex

Cutie on the Rise

This girls look is super fresh and mixes everything that I love! She’s making me look at my fall wardrobe in a whole new way! xxx, Bex

Christmas Sweater

Does everyone have a Christmas shirt? Christmas Shirt Definition: a shirt warn only in the month of December to get you in the holiday spirit. The shirt can be red or green or… Continue reading


I’m always excited when I have time to sit down and look through some of my favorite blogs. Looking here, I discovered a picture he had taken of artist, Mr. Brainwash. His art… Continue reading

Duct, Duct, Goose

Guys are so practical, why buy a new pair when there is such a thing out there called duct tape!?! xxx, Bex

December’s Here

As usual, November is gone in a blink! December is here and Christmas is just around the corner! I hope you are planning to take some time for yourself and enjoy the company… Continue reading

Everything Has Changed

Matt Wisniewski┬áis a photo collage artist from Brooklyn, New York. He does a brillant job at mixing them together to get the perfect combination of the images he carefully selects. Although he does… Continue reading

Holiday Magic

Recently I made a couple posts about Make It. While looking around the craft show, my wonderful boyfriend found me some magical beans… Okay, so they are bean bags… what makes them awesome,… Continue reading

Nikon Girl

So I can be quite embarrassed about my photography skills. I know I have some deep down inside of me…but honestly still feel like any good shot I get is pure luck! One… Continue reading