The Cambie is one of my favorite local pubs, it was voted “#1 place to get wasted on the cheap” by Vice Magazine…but besides that, last year they scrounged up some local artists to… Continue reading

Bringing the Locs Together

Are you ready for this wonderful news? Local Vancouver Designers have come together to create a pop-up store ‘Local-E‘,  just in time for Christmas! This temporary store front is having its opening party… Continue reading

Make It or Break It

This past weekend, I decided to avoid Canada’s Black Friday attempts… Instead I supported the local artists at the ‘Make It’ craft show spending hours looking at local designs and products. It was… Continue reading

Mad World

A beautiful demoreel my friend Ryan showed me. This is a perfect blend of song, dance and story telling through drawing and animation. Enjoy! xxx, Bex

Feeling Green


Just a little morning inspiration. I drew this earlier in the summer. I really like how the image uses two perspectives and transforms it into one. xxx, Bex

Hand Made Revolution

Check out the article I wrote on “Make It,” a Vancouver and Edmonton based craft show! xxx, Bex

All That Jazz

One cool thing about where I live is that there are a lot of film stylists. Today one of the stylists for Super Natural came into my store and we talked about how… Continue reading

Boys to Men

I took this picture in 2009, for a project that was inspired by The Sartorialist, one of my favorite street style photographers. Starting a new job on Wednesday and I will hopefully be… Continue reading

Ocean City

It’s taken me about two years to come up with THRONEVINTAGE! This site will definitely transform a lot due to my indecisive nature. All you need to know is that I live by… Continue reading