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Happy Boxing Day!

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Young Beats: Milla Jovovich

This is a stunning photo of Milla when she was young! Love the widows peak! xxx, Bex

Martin Gropious Bau 2013

While in Berlin, Martin Gropious Bau is worth checking out! They focus on contemporary art and photography, with monographs of amazing artists casting unusual insights. While in Berlin I got to see the… Continue reading

Weekend Inspiration: Vanity

Back in school we had a fashion show with the 7 deadly sins as a theme. I ended up keeping on of the props for Vanity: Kind of mean girls-esque don’t you think?… Continue reading

Adrift in a Strange Country: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is probably one of my favourite cities I have ever visited. It was magical! “Adrift in a Strange Country” is a collection of photos I have taken over my travels. I use… Continue reading

Into the Mirror…

 Luca Meneghel, an Italian photographer, creates a really cool series of photographs using hand-drawn illustrations on model Nasty Burgriy. xxx, Bex

Art & Science

I’ve talked about art and math and how we can use algorithms and calculations to produce different artistic effects. Now let’s look at the science behind art.  Susan Aldworth is an Artist in Residence at… Continue reading