Making the Cut: The 3 Month Commitment

So my progression with cutting my hair short went from here to here. It is hard to maintain your hair’s style and shape as it’s growing out. You need to get a cut… Continue reading

Mayer of this Town

Although I recently found this post about Katy Perry, and her over use of Cliches in the worst way…I love her new song with John Mayer. What a great song for staying in… Continue reading


If you enjoyed my previous post Windowpane, then I’m sure you will love this cabin in the California desert.  Artist Phillip K Smith III placed mirrors and installed LED lights to a 70-year-old shack in… Continue reading

The Tehran Times

To put it simply The Tehran Times is the first street style blog to post pictures of Iranian girls out on the street of the Iranian capital as well as girls from Shiraz… Continue reading

The Jepsen Projects

SØREN JEPSEN is the photographer behind street style blog The Locals. He is also the creator of 12hrs a website that posts travel guides for people who have a limited time in a city and love style,… Continue reading

Building Your Wardrobe: The Plain White T

Plain White T-shirts…and we’re not talking about the band…are a great staple for any wardrobe! Let’s look at a brief history of this incredible piece of clothing: + 1913 White tees started out… Continue reading

Young Beats: Stephen Colbert

Anyone watch the Colbert Report? Stephen Colbert’s first break was on the Daily Show, but did you know at one point her was Steve Carell’s understudy? When I saw this picture it was… Continue reading

Weekend Inspiration: Apple to Apples

 Not only do I love the painting “Son of Man” by René Magritte, but I also love the movie 500 Days of Summer. I bought the bowler hat in the fall of 2009 and… Continue reading

All I really want is GIRLS

Back to my obsession about the HBO series Girls. The new trailer is up and I thought I would post it here! xxx, Bex

Candle Wax

This sculpture is amazing and made entirely out of wax candles! Artist Lenn Cox created it for the Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011. Cox is the current creative producer at MODEBELOFTE’13 Future Fashions in… Continue reading