This Isn’t Paris

Just a little image to keep the week moving! Suit is Acne, shirt is from Oak and sandals are Doc Martens. xxx, Bex Advertisements

Shintaro Ohata

I’ve had this artist saved in bookmarks for too long, not to finally share! Shintaro Ohata is a Japanese artist who depicts an ordinary scene and makes it extraordinary with his unique and… Continue reading

Weekend Inspiration: Sleigh Pans Ring

With the first snow fall last night and most people dusting off their old snow equipment here’s a great idea for that vintage sled that’s no one has ridden in years. Curtesy of┬áThe… Continue reading

Living to Consume or Consuming to Live?

Last night I went to a lecture given by Valerie Hiebert, PH.D, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Providence University College. Her lecture was very captivating as she took us through the history of… Continue reading

Adrift in a Strange Country: Scotland #1

xxx, Bex

The Shining

Okay Halloween might have been a while ago, but can we just talk about Shelley Duvall from The Shinning for a second? I really feel like reviving her movie wardrobe! Here’s some tips… Continue reading

YSL 2014 Trailer

Check out the movie trailer for Yves Saint Laurent 2014! xxx, Bex

Lines of Light

Light painting is a photographic technique that uses long exposures to paint an image with a hang held light. This method has been used since 1914, but did not really become an art… Continue reading

Young Beats: Goldie Hawn

Happy Monday Everyone! xxx, Bex

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! This year I’m going as Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom…as a Raven. xxx, Bex